This post is a place for me to collect some of my personal gnosis regarding the tröllkona named Leirvör.

002 (7) - Edited

Name: Leirvör

Name meaning: name roughly translates to “clay lip” but despite this she denies having any relationship to clay beyond the parallels between smithing and sculpting

Kennings: She of Silken Steel, She Who Sculpts With Iron, She Who Shapes Iron Like Clay

Appearance: dark grey skin with a green tint, four arms, pale blonde hair, large tusks, golden eyes, smaller ears, slender face, lots of jewelry, traditional viking clothing often

“Occupation”: smith of various metals

Personality: quiet and soft-spoken, somewhat typically “feminine”, more reserved and elegant than what might be expected of a trollwife, soft on the surface and in nature but fire and iron beneath

Associations: deer, rabbits, lavender, jasmine, rustling leaves, clanging of iron and steel, metal ores, metallic semiprecious stones like hematite

Offerings: honey, chocolate, pastries, fine sweets (like marzipan), blacksmithing, jewelry-making, anything relating to her associations above

001 (40) - Edited




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