Surtr personal gnosis

This post is a place for me to collect some of my personal gnosis regarding Surtr.

001 (41)

Name: Surtr

Name meaning: name translates to ‘black’ typical name of individuals with darker than average skin, especially common to slaves. Lindow theorizes this indicates Surtr having a ‘charred’ appearance.

Kennings: King of Muspelheim, He Who Wields Fire, He Who Rules Fire,

Appearance: for me tends to appear as a black man with dyed fiery hair and beard, golden eyes, punk-style clothes

Personality: kind, very wise, emotionally in tune and intuitive, warm, intense presence, very passionate, can flare up but has good self control, compassionate, generally calm and flowing, very creative and active

Associations: grapevines, coffee, chili peppers, cilantro, Calceolaria, Indian Paintbrush, moss, lichen, elk (moose), spiky varieties of lizards (like thorny devils),

Offerings: turmeric tea, strong brewed black tea, spicy foods and drinks, barbecue, grilled vegetables, pepper jelly, red onions, lava cakes, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, strong coffee, obsidian, olivine, basalt, rhyolite, pumice, other volcanic rocks

Will edit more as time goes on I’m sure