Musphelheim Cattle

I haven’t seen these spirits in person but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I was given a description of them by a giantess in Surtr’s hall. This is an image I drew based off of the description I was given:

IMG_20170731_212124 - Edited

Size: apparently at least ten feet tall at the shoulder, easily can get larger

Description: They’re generally lighter ashy grey like this but they can be darker. Flecks are typical.  Barely any tassle to their tails. They’re kinda long legged for a cow but really muscular. Humps on the back can get really large to help with water conservation due to Muspelheim’s heat.

Temperament: Unsure as of yet since I didn’t have time to ask more and have yet to meet them in person.

Diet: grasses and other low-lying plants like a typical cow, mushrooms and lichens if driven to caverns


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