Tips on Discerning When an Entity Has Romantic or Sexual Feelings for you

(as requested by a friend on tumblr)

Godspousery/ being a non corporeal consort is one of the more hotly contested topics within the greater polytheist community. Most prominently the argument is over whether it’s fundamentally possible for a god to love a human. As someone who is married to one jötun, mated to another, and committed though not formally bonded in such a way to a third, I’m obviously in the camp that it’s quite possible. That said, even if one believes it’s possible, it’s often still incredibly hard to wrap one’s head around the idea of a deity actually loving them or even just wanting to bang. This causes people to ignore and therefore miss signs that a deity is sending on this topic. I know I’m incredibly guilty of this myself. (After all, I was oblivious to Angrboða’s attempts to get my attention for a month until I cracked a joke about how she was acting like she had a crush on me and she practically screamed “yes that’s the point!!!!” at me. And then I spent well over a year flipflopping on whether or not I believed the constant signs.) So I’m well-versed in the struggles this topic poses to people. However, that means I also have a wealth of signs to draw from to illustrate what sort of things one might expect to see if a deity or spirit is trying to hint “hey, I wanna be more than friends.”

Note: Obviously each entity is going to have their own style of trying to get your attention and express feelings just like humans do, so this is in no way a definitive guide. Signs are a personal thing and not up for me to interpret. This is just kind of a “hey, if this sorta stuff is going on you might want to ask yourself if this is what’s happening.”


I use shufflemancy as a form of divination a lot for a variety of reasons which I won’t get into here. But it was and remains a favored tool of mine and was the way Angrboða got my attention first. I was absolutely bombarded with love songs for a month. And these weren’t just popular current “Top 40 you’re bound to hear regardless” love songs. I got pelted with everything from jazz to rock to indie to pop. If it was a love song she was playing it any time we interacted. And this wasn’t just interactions directly between us this also came from interactions I got from outside divination. Constant. Love. Songs. She was the spitting image of the guy with a boombox blaring outside your window.

Obviously, if your shufflemancy playlist if full of love songs this will sort of bias your findings but if you’re drawing from a wide variety of sources and still finding yourself absolutely bombarded with love songs, especially ones with a recurring theme or image, well, chances are someone’s trying to make a point. As always, use discernment for if this message is actually romantic or not but this has been a pretty common strategy I’ve noticed from gods.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t have to come solely through shufflemancy. You might find a song or image through song stalking you through other sources. Like every time you turn on the radio a specific song comes on and that’s weird because it’s not even that popular, yet here it is again and again. It’s also worth noting that you might also pay attention for songs relevant or reminiscent of said entity occurring right after or right before love songs. The linking them together can be a strategy used to say “yes this is me sending this pay attention!!!”


For people who make use of tumblr or similar sites where a dashboard is made up of everything you follow, this tip is for you. Entities are well known for using the dashboard for sending messages. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to sources of the messages and imagery to ensure it’s not just one person but from a variety of sources. But if romantic imagery is coming from all over the place and especially if it’s thematically or visually consistent, it’s worth asking yourself if someone’s trying to send you a message.

A recent example that people on tumblr got to giggle over for me was the sudden appearance of rosegold wedding rings on my etsy recommended list. I have never looked up anything remotely close to this and the closest most recent search I’d done had been for talon pendants but that had produced recommendations of more claw-themed necklaces. There was literally no reason for the sudden explosion of specifically rosegold rings. Except for a certain entity the day before saying she wanted to get married. Then sudden rings. And continued rings. (She is persistent.)

Tarot Card Patterns

For those who are experienced with tarot you likely know all of this but for those who aren’t and are asking for readings from others about a deity, certain cards constantly appearing might key you off to a possible attraction. The 2 of Cups and The Lovers are the main “love” cards that you’ll see pointed to. However, the Ace of Cups and Knight of Cups are also big ones for “hey, wanna start something new?” The Knight of Cups in particular represents a charmer. The suit of cups cards largely represent emotional connections and the like when looking at a relationship. An entity pointing at something casual and more physical is likely to use Wands cards, namely the Ace of Wands, 8 of Wands, and Knight of Wands. Depending you might also see the Queen of Wands but the Knight is more suggestive for casual sex in my experiences. The Swords will point towards intellectual connections not just strife in a relationship. Disks/Pentacles is more indicative of familial relationships than romantic.


Obviously, dreams can just be dreams. However, dreams are also the way for the subconscious to speak to us. Obviously, some discernment needs to be applied to ensure that it isn’t merely our own attraction to an entity causing them. However, spirits are more than capable of speaking to us in daydream imagery, night time dreams, and just evoking feelings in us in an attempt to communicate various things. If you’re finding yourself constantly drawn to an entity you work with or worship it’s worth it to ask “is this just me? Or is this something more?”

For instance, before Gullveig showed up in my life explicitly she showed up in idle daydreams in romantic and sexual settings. Before I figured out Angrboða was indeed trying to get my attention I had a lot of uh, risque daydreams involving her which I felt guilty about but wouldn’t cease. Both were cases of each trying to say “yo, you’ve got feelings for meeeeeeeeeee and I do for youuuuuuuu.”



Entities can get your attention in so many other ways. You can see their animal(s) or other symbols all of a sudden in odd places or all over the place. You can hear their names name-dropped in places they shouldn’t be. You can have an entity deliver a message to you through a person you interact with. The ways are endless.

While an entity suddenly requesting more of your time is in no way a definitive “they like you” it’s definitely a way for them to say they like you or gauge their interest in you. Some entities are the subtle type and won’t tell you outright like in the ways above. Some will be blatantly in your face about it. The ways are truly as varied as there are entities. But these are some ways that entities have reached out to me in order to get my attention and say they wanted an intimate romantic and sexual relationship. Hopefully the examples provided help clarify for others.

4 thoughts on “Tips on Discerning When an Entity Has Romantic or Sexual Feelings for you

  1. I am sure, this will help some people! 🙂 ❤
    It's a bit funny how some deities act sometimes. I was just reading your text above about your experience with Angrboða and had to laugh a bit, because I had a similar experience with another deitiy, who was a bit shy in expressing his feelings on this level.
    Suddenly Angrboða yelled at me "That's not funny! Stop laughing!"
    I never hat to deal with her before but I consider myself as lokean, so maybe I should not be surprised about her attention now. I was not aware of her untill now. So thank you 🙂
    And I think you are right, deities can be very different. Some are more cool and reserevd, others seem to be overwhelming straight and "hot-blooded" 🙂

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  2. My Beloveds all gave me love songs, as well as flowers through dashomancy.

    I had to *ask* J if he had a crush on me, since he kept sending flowers that could mean either romantic or platonic feelings. It was *after* I asked him that that the love songs started.


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