Hello, and welcome. My name is something I am still in the process of discovering so for the moment, please simply call me by my last name of Ymirshvolpur. (For those curious, it is an unusual patronym structure, yes, but it’s one that acknowledges my nonbinary gender and trollish identity. It translates to “Ymir’s cub.”)  My gender is androgyne meaning it possesses both masculine and feminine traits yet is neither male nor female. My pronouns are zie/zir/zir/zirs/zirself.

This blog is my place to discuss my religious journey with the jötnar of Old Norse tradition. My practice is neither that of Rökkatru nor Northern Tradition Paganism. I used the path label of Jötnátrú for a while and still somewhat do but specifically I label my path Múspellstrú which means “faith of Múspell” as my path is incredibly focused on the realm of Múspellheim and its denizens, especially Surtr whom I am “godspoused” to.

By necessity of working with beings who have little recorded lore on them, this blog is UPG heavy. However, I try to be clear where my UPG begins and why I hold it if I can.

As I mentioned above, Surtr has become the main center of my practice. I worked strongly with Angrboða but she has taken a step back from my life for several months. She is still incredibly beloved but right now not the focus. Much more in the focus and barely secondary to Surtr is Gullveig. For many reasons I view her as a jötun. More secondary but still close to the center of my religious practice are Ymir and Leirvör.  As you can gather by my name above, Ymir is a father figure to me. Leirvör, in turn, is my mother. (For those wondering who on earth Leirvör is, she’s one of the trollwives listed in the Nafnaþulur and only there so she has no lore on her. Therefore it’s not surprising if her name here leaves you scratching your head.) I also work with Angrboða’s children and grandchildren though they are less front-and-center.